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A 6m John Deere 750a has replaced our 4m. It's has the new Pro series opener giving even lower disturbance and better slot closure. This drill has 3 separate metering units allowing various companion cropping or inter cropping options

Perard chaser bin 

Have established most of our spring crops with a new Sumo DTS drill. It is able to drill straight into cover crops or stubble and apply fertiliser directly into the seed bands.Click on the picture above to see a video

Fertiliser spreading compact up to 36m 

A 7 furrow Kverneland PG100 replaces an EG85/300 mounted plough

We are offering GPS application of P & K fertiliser and also variable rate nirogen application according to crop requirements in association with SOYL 

Benefits include better use of inputs leading to increased yields. More even crops resulting in improved quality and higher combine output. Also you will be provided with detailed application records which fulfill cross compliance obligations. P, K Mg and ph testing starts in the next couple of weeks and costs from £2 ac /yr and provides you with GPS application maps which can then be used to only apply inputs to the areas that need them. Savings can commonly be in the region of £45/ha with knockon benefits of improved crop performance. Nitrogen mapping takes place as the crop is growing in the spring with a cost of around £3 per acre which gives you application requirements for the whole season. To follow the link to the SOYL website click here: SOYL

Here is an example of the information that Soyl can provide for your land

In this map levels of P,K Mg and ph are shown . The triangular part on the east side of the field is an area not currently in production. The rest of this field is winter wheat and below is a leaf area index map of the field in early April.


This map shows the thicker, more advanced areas of the field shown in green.

This map shows the thicker, more advanced areas of the field shown in green.


Based on the Leaf Area map above, Nitrogen application maps are produced so that the less advanced areas get slightly more and the advanced areas get slightly less. This process is repeated for each split of N you apply.At the bottom of the page is a breakdown of application in both KgN/ha and Product /ha.

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